Deglet Nour

  • weight 9-12g
  • size 0.2kg - 5kg
  • bio bio
  • Storage temp 1°C
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Full of natural goodness and uniquely beautiful, Sun-Ripened Dates on branches come straight from Jordan River palm trees through a refreshing rinse, and right into the package .
The dates are carefully selected for maximum quality and are completely natural.  
Jordan River Sun–Ripened Dates on branches are available all year round.
Like all Jordan River dates, Fresh Dates on branches meet and exceed BRC and Global Gap International standards.

The Deglet Nour is a Soft, meaty and sweet date.
The origin of the Deglet Nour is Tunisia.
Its size is 9-12g and its shape is Elongated and thin. It has a Light to Dark Golden Brown color and available Year Round.
Common uses of the Deglet Nour are Snack as is or filled with walnuts or almonds.
Storage temperature: 1°C
Store shelf: Fruit and Veg
Shelf life: 10 months
Average Nutrition Values
per 100g of dry dates
Deglet nour  
Energy 289 Kcal
Proteins 2.53 g
Carbohydrates 71.91 g
of which sugars 61.5 g
Fats 0.34 g
Sodium 28 g
Dietary Fiber 5.76 g
Magnesium 0 mg
Potassium 0 mg